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About Us

LUX is your destination for custom car modifications and luxury upgrades. Our team of passionate experts delivers top-notch services, ensuring your vehicle embodies your dreams. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we provide excellent service for minor cosmetic upgrades or complete car transformations. Contact us to make your car the envy of the road. At LUX, we're the unrivaled authority in bespoke modifications. Our artisans craft each modification with precision, exceeding expectations. Unleash the full potential of your vehicle and embrace automotive excellence with LUX. Contact us now for an extraordinary journey into opulence and style.



At LUX, our commitment to excellence goes beyond mere installation. We elevate the art of product installation to a level of unparalleled perfection and creativity. With meticulous attention to detail, our team ensures that every product is flawlessly integrated into your vehicle, surpassing the standards set by any other company. We combine technical expertise with a boundless imagination, infusing our installations with a creative touch that sets us apart. Each product is meticulously placed, optimized for functionality, and elevated to new heights of aesthetic brilliance. With LUX, you can trust that your installation will surpass expectations, surpassing not only other companies but also your own dreams.

At Lux, we strive to redefine budget automobile standards by transforming their basic interiors. Our objective is to enhance these economically accessible vehicles into spaces radiating either a sophisticated, high-end luxury aura or a vibrant, dynamic sporty atmosphere. Through meticulous design and a keen eye for detail, we endeavor to reshape perceptions of budget transportation, creating a unique fusion of affordability and premium comfort.


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